Big Dog Clothes, A New Fashion Trend

Plus size dogs can now look as fashionable as their small dog peers. The new trend this season is for big Brutus to keep warm with dog t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts big enough for dogs up to 160lbs. Happy Go Lucky Dogs just launched their plus size line so Great Danes can wear fancy dog clothes too! Our favorite is the t-shirt that says,” I had a nightmare I was a Chihuahua.” worn by a Labrador Retriever.

Why are big dog clothes becoming more popular? Even big dogs are extensions of ourselves and dog t-shirts with humorous sayings or bright colors show off our own personality as well as the dog’s. Buying big dog clothes is also another way to show them our love. Small dog clothing is now the norm and big dog owners don’t want their big baby left out. What type of clothes look good on big dogs? Big dogs look great in dog t-shirts and tanks. Tanks are much easier to put on the dog because there is little struggle with getting their big paws through the sleeves, and tanks are much easier to take off as well.

The most popular color for big dog clothing whether for a girl dog or boy, is black. The next popular color is pink for a girl and light blue for a boy. Women tend to buy big dog clothing more than men, and big cities such as New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles are more apt to have big dogs clothed in the latest seasonal trend.

If you’re interested in buying your plus sized pooch clothing, make sure that you carefully measure their neck, the girth (the area around the dog right behind their front paws) and the length of their back. Careful measuring insures that the dog has a comfortable fit and will enjoy wearing the clothing. Plus size dog clothing is here to stay so hop on this new fashion trend so your heavy hound is haute for winter!