Some Tips For Preserving Your Baby Girl Dresses

Perhaps one of the most treasured items a mother may save will be her daughter’s baby girl dresses. Many moms dress their babies up in the frilliest of dresses knowing that one day they may prefer jeans. These dresses can be saved for a lifetime of memories.

While many moms like to save the very first in a long line of baby girl dresses, there are other dresses they may wish to save as well. Perhaps some of the cutest dresses their little girls may wear are christening, flower girl, or ones worn on special holidays such as the first Christmas or birthday.

A professional can carefully preserve these dresses or you can do it yourself by simply wrapping your baby girl dresses in acid free tissue paper and storing them away. It is always a good idea to find a container that will repel moths, as they can be the death of any garment.

When planning to store your little baby girl dresses for the future, make sure they are professionally cleaned first, much like you would do for a wedding dress before you slip it into the closet. Some cleaners can package the dress for you in a box or a garment bag that will help preserve the integrity of the garment.

These dresses can be passed down to your daughter one day when she has children of her own. She may wish to she her daughter wear one of her old baby girl dresses, or may cherish that you have saved it all that time as a reminder of when she was young.

Special dresses life flower girl dresses can be used from generation to generation, much like wedding dresses. Choosing simple yet beautiful baby girl dresses will ensure they will be loved and cherished for generations to come.

If you have a ton of baby girl dresses that you can’t part with, it may be unrealistic to keep them all boxed up and saved for the future. It may be painful for you to watch or do yourself, but you can have the dresses cut up and made into a quilt.

If you are into quilting, you can easily do this yourself. If not, there are places you can go to have someone make them for you. You may not have the entire dress left, but you will have a lifelong reminder of the beautiful baby girl dresses your little one once wore.

Whether you choose to preserve a few dresses, or to turn your baby girl dresses into a treasured keepsake quilt, you are keeping the memory of your babies alive and well. As they grow, they may irritate you, rebel against you, or try to run away from you, but you always have those baby girl dresses to remind you that under all of their teen angst, they will always be your little girl.