Purple Skinny Jeans – Breathtaking Designs For Fashionable Teenage Girls

The teenage period of life is often referred to as ‘the age of storm and stress’. During this age, almost all boys and girls wish to look different. They want to make their own individual identity and want others to follow that. Peer group pressure is also dominant during this age so most teenagers are always finding ways to standout from the rest.

One main way by which these teenagers succeed in making their individual existence prominent is through fashion and style. You must have noticed that many such fashion trends and styles that somewhat appear strange and odd to people of our age, are popular among teenagers around the world – these includes patched jeans, bandannas, and Goth style dressing.

This wish to look different and unique is evident from the fact that most teenager girls are going for customized and personalized jeans. There are many different ways in which jeans can be customized according to their individual tastes and styles. However, we will discuss some of the fashion trends that are popular and look attractive.

Colorful Skinny Jeans

Blue, black and grey are common colors for jeans but they are meant for much older people, at least this is what teenage girls believe. Therefore, these girls prefer skinny jeans that are available in various different colors other than the traditional jeans’ colors. Purple skinny jeans and pink skinny jeans are some of the hot favorites nowadays. They love to wear these jeans to parties, disco clubs, prom nights, and such other occasions.

Jeans with Embellishments

Most girls like to personalize their jeans with the help of certain trendy and chic embellishments such as rhinestones, ribbons, sequins, appliques, and laces.

Accessories for Jeans

Accessories with jeans make the style appear different and unique. These accessories include chains, bandannas and belts.

Skinny Shirts and Tops

Skinny t-shirts and tops are worn over skinny jeans to balance out the skinny look. Baggy and loose shirts only make them look sloppy and odd so this is the best choice.


With skinny jeans, teenage girls love wearing high heels so that they look taller and slimmer. If they have slim figures, the jeans flatter their shape in the best way.