Modest Prom Dresses, Looking Like a Knockout With Class

If you are looking for an elegant prom dress that doesn’t have you showing off everything god gave you it could be challenging especially these days but not impossible. Looking sexy and being modest can go together you just have to work at it a little more than you would have to have done back in the day.

Some modest dresses that can be found have cute little capped sleeves so you still get the illusion of being sleeveless but the shoulders are somewhat covered. Necklines are a bit higher to prevent cleavage from being seen. The backs of these dresses go no lower than the shoulder blades. Fabric is chosen that will not cling to the body excessively but fall gracefully to the floor.

They use rouching to give the dress style and fashion and hide any lumps and bumps in the body. Empire waist styles are great because they can’t be low cut and the fabric just falls straight to the ground instead of clinging.

In the last 10 years or so manufacturers have noticed that there was a real need for prom dresses that fit the age of the girl wearing them instead of impersonating an older celebrity. It is getting increasingly easier to find a dress that does not show everything. They come in all the favorite and popular colors and styles. These new modest prom dresses are made to look like popular styles without so much skin showing. The dresses do not look old fashioned and frumpy but just the opposite. They look beautiful, flowing, and elegant.

If the dress comes just a little low and you want to prevent it from moving lower as you dance or sit get a little bit of double sided tape used for the body. Models use it all the time to keep garments from slipping and showing what shouldn’t be shown. Find this tape online or at a store that sells formal dresses. You just stick it to the body and then pull the dress just above the tape. It won’t move. If you have allergy to tape, band aids, or latex do not use this method.