Best Toddler Toys For Girls

Wish you had a list of the best toddler toys for girls? Some of the sweetest times you’ll have with your toddler are the times when they want to pretend to be all grown up. The world of grownups appeals to children and playing house has always been a favorite activity to play among toddler girls.

From cooking food on playsets of pots and pans to putting the food onto plastic play dishes, kids can always find the fun. While playing house, one thing little toddler girls enjoy having is their very own baby to take care of.

They’ll spend hours talking to their baby, feeding it and rocking it to sleep, even going so far as to shush anyone talking loudly so their wee one doesn’t wake up too soon from a nap.

There are special dolls made just for your special toddler and one of those dolls is the Corolle Mon Premier Calin Candy Pink doll. It’s a 12 inch doll that’s just the perfect size for a toddler’s arms. This award winning doll is soft and easy to take care of plus, you can buy related accessories to go along with the doll that will equip your toddler to be a great mom – just like her own!

Even when they’re quieter, toddlers still like to engage in play. When the hours of busy play are winding down, your little one will enjoy being able to ‘read’ books on her very own with the LeapFrog Tag Junior book pal.

Because kids at this age are still learning through touch, by using the Book Pal, they’ll be introduced to the wonderful world of reading in a way that holds their interest. With 130 responses as they go through the book, toddlers will want to come back again and again to discover more. The system has the ability to keep five books and the different theme in the books focuses on skills that toddlers can easily understand.

Every toddler needs a first purse that she can carry around just like the grown ups have that she looks up to. The purse should have all the items considered essential for a purse. Items such as a wallet, a mirror, keys, cell phone and lipstick.

You’ll find all those and more with the International Playthings My First Purse and it comes in a cute purple color sure to dazzle your little girl. The purse is roomy enough for you to be able to add a few extra touches such as a pair of sunglasses and a dainty hairbrush for those important hair touchups.


list isn’t a one size fits all. It will depend on the personality of your little girl. Some may want a tool set just like Daddy, some may thrive on educational toys while others get into more artistic or creative toys.