Today’s Hottest Fashion Trend for Little Girls

From the 18th century when tutus were first presented to the public on beautiful ballet dancers gracing the stage, they have been fun dress-up choices for little girls. Created from yards and yards of flowing tulle, these frilly and flouncy skirts offer the ultra-girly look that delight little princesses and those who dote on them. Today’s tutus aren’t just for dressing up on Halloween or for special occasions of birthdays, holidays, and flower girl appearances. They are the latest fashion trend in children’s clothes.

The tutu craze has been embraced by increasing numbers of fashion designers since designer Stella McCartney’s line of children’s GAPKids clothes was introduced with tutus featured for little girls. The number of celebrity children seen out and about with their fashionable moms, including Halle Barry, Madonna, and Heidi Klum, has made tutus a top fashion must-have for every little girl’s wardrobe.

Tutus are being combined with any and every wardrobe item in the closet adding a fun, feminine punch to everyday without limit. They are available in every color imaginable from sweet and soft pastels to bright and vibrant neons in prices to fit any budget. Whether worn with a cute top and tights, or with jeans and flip-flops, a tutu transforms just another day into a special event.

Tutus are no longer reserved in the closet waiting for a special event. They are today’s every day fashion accessory for babies, toddlers, and little girls that bring a sense of fun, femininity, and innocence to any occasion.