Dress Up Dolls

You’ve been doing it since you were a baby. First were the floppy soft dolls, and then you progressed to Barbie. Dressing up dolls is a favorite pastime for many girls, and if you still dress up Barbie occasionally in secret, it’s okay – there is an entire community just like you.

As the internet has grown, websites have been developed that appeal to all kinds of people. We think of games online and message boards, but did you realize there are also dress up dolls online

? And not just a few basic dolls – these girls put Barbie’s Dream Closet to shame.

Originally dolls were developed for use as plain images, but since girls enjoyed them so much, many websites began to allow girls to dress up dolls on their site in much the same way they would dress up a Barbie or traditional paper dolls. The difference is, these dolls don’t just come with big blonde hair and a few clothing selections. There are literally hundreds of outfits in all manners of fashion designed to complement dolls of every skin tone and hair style.

You pick the base. Skin tones range from pale to dark just like we do in the real world. You then add hair to your doll in practically any style you can image. Next comes clothing and it may take awhile to get the clothing selection just right. After all, you are able to design everything from goth to punk to preppy to pirates on The Doll Palace. We know an outfit is never complete without accessories, so you have plenty of choices there as well.

Once your doll is finished, you can put her on an available background and use her for any number of things. You can print her out. You can make her the subject of a good story. You can enter her into any number of contests sponsored by the site, or you can use her as your avatar. Your avatar is your online picture when you’re chatting with others in the chat rooms or message boards inside the doll community.

Dressing up dolls in one thing you can do on The Doll Palace. You can also read through fashion or teen related articles, write your own articles, create stories, join groups who love making dolls, visit on the

, and even just chat. There are plenty of dolls already created that you can use as inspiration or avatars and tons of doll makers as well. New makers and dolls are released all the time, so there is always something new to do on the site.

Finally a game that appeals to you is available online. No more silly shooting games or hearing about how dangerous other websites are. There is a website that has lots to do, parents approve of, and best of all – is plenty of fun to play on.