The Fascination Of Collecting Webkinz 2008 Stuffed Animals

Being a toy fan, I have met my share of toy collectors. It doesn’t matter what the collection is, toy collectors are all similar. They get this obsession about finding every piece to their collection and displaying everything in a particular manner.

I have been collecting toys since I was young. I remember my mother telling me that I wouldn’t want these items once I got older. I guess she was wrong, because I still love to collect toys.

Just recently, my children returned home from school with a new stuffed animal called a webkinz. I had never heard of them before, but once I found out more about them I began to develop the desire to collect all of them. I now spend hours with my children online in webkinz world which makes collecting the stuffed, plush animals even more desirable to me. The funny thing about getting involved in starting a collection is how you become so fanatical about completing your collection. It is not uncommon when you are on an internet forum to have people stating just how many stuffed pets that they currently own.

My children and I got a bit of a late start with our collection, so there were already several webkinz stuffed animals that the Ganz company had stopped making. Some of these retired stuffed toys were even selling on eBay for up to a thousand dollars like the cheeky cat and cheeky dog. I can’t believe how in demand these toys are. When they first arrived, the few stores that sold them were unable to keep their shelves stocked. They have become one of the most sought after toys on the market today.

Now that the new year has rolled in, so have the new webkinz 2008 stuffed animals. Ganz has out done themselves with their new plush toy additions. The quality of the toys is increasing as well as their popularity. Some of the new animals in the 2008 line up include the Himalayan Cat, Schnauzer, Kangaroo, Black and White Cheeky Dog, and Pink and White Cat just to name a few. With toys like these it has become difficult not to want to collect them all.