Hand Knitting

I was introduced to hand knitting by my grandmother about 50 years ago. My first attempt at a ‘fashion’ item was a scarf to wear in winter. Unfortunately having no idea about wool types I ended up with a scarf that stretched to double its length whenever it got wet. So I learnt by my mistakes.

When I had my children I knitted for them, but by the time they went to junior school hand knitting was no longer fashionable and my needles were consigned to a cupboard. I would occasionally knit something for myself or friends’ babies, but it wasn’t until I was made redundant (again ) that I decided to start my own website.

The idea began with traditional hand knitted baby clothes – layettes, pram sets and matinee coats. I had 27 ladies knitting stock for me as I was sure this would be a roaring success. Of course we now know that the recession was just getting started but at the time I ploughed on, knitting like a fiend.

Although the orders are slowly coming in I am now changing the types of clothes I sell. Having been asked to make a black and orange baby blanket I realise modern mums want bright, vivid colours and it is the grandparents who want the old fashioned designs. In an attempt to marry the 2 together I am searching for vintage patterns and adding a modern twist either with colours or the types of yarn used. So if anyone has any suggestions on patterns for hand knitted baby cardigans or jackets I would love to hear from you.