Material Girl – Business Women’s Guide to Fashion

As professional business women, shopping for the proper clothes is essential for image success. There are many factors to consider when purchasing clothes such as price, size, style etc. And add one more to that list as being fabric or material. The way that your clothes are made is just as important as the material used for the article of clothing. Learn how you can pick the right material for the right look to create the right impression!


Silk is such a beautiful, soft and flowing material that looks wonderful on any body type. It is an upgrade from your basic cotton and very delicate yet elegant and stylish. Silk can be worn in the workplace as well as for formal events after hours. Silk also add a dimension of finesse and elevated style to your basic wardrobe. Colors that look irresistible in silk include, gold, ivory, purple, bronze, deep brown and navy. Whether you are wearing a silk blouse, pant or skirt, the material should be well pressed and slight loose fitting for a soft and carefree look.


Cashmere was once reserved for the rich and famous. But now, it is increasingly more popular and is making its way into the workplace. Cashmere is such a soft knit that can be worn in the Winter or Spring seasons. The colors for cashmere are more vibrant and brighter than the past fashions. Colors such as lime green, light yellow, fuchsia pink and baby blue can instantly illuminate any ensemble. The best care for cashmere is hand washing or dry cleaning.


Rayon blends are great and economical pieces for building a professional wardrobe. It’s easy feel and low maintenance care make great for staple wardrobe pieces. Rayon can be coordinated with almost any fabric including cotton, silk, polyester, denim, corduroy or wool. Rayon is also a year round fabric which is great if you are on a style budget.


Seersucker tends to be a Spring and Summer material but looks exceptionally polished in the office or on the beach for vacation. Many clothing companies are using this material to make blazers and suit jackets as well as skirt and trouser pants. Seersucker is such a unique fabric that comes in various colors. You can match this material with flats, pumps or sandals for a great Casual Friday outfit.