How to Make a Man Orgasm Harder Than Ever – These Tips Will Make Him Explode (Literally)

If you want to make your man orgasm hard and make it one that he remembers forever then read on.

A man will ejaculate at any opportunity, if you go to the shops then he will most likely masturbate while you are gone. So to a man every orgasm feels the same, the following tips will show you how to make his climax extra powerful and harder than anything he felt before.

1. Tease him.

Teasing a man will enhance his orgasm ten fold and not just physical teasing. Try leaving him a dirty note in his lunchbox or sending him a dirty text message telling him in detail what you want to do to him. Better still send him a picture message of your vagina or breasts with a dirty text to wind him up. After all that teasing when you finally get round to having sex your man will orgasm harder than he ever thought possible.

2. Give him fellatio.

This is the number one way to make a man orgasm faster and harder than ever before. The secret to making him orgasm with fellatio is to suck the head of his penis while at the same time making eye contact with him. The head is hyper sensitive so a couple of minutes of sucking this will have him ready to blow. This is when you should look at him because the sight of you staring into his eyes will make your man orgasm harder.

That’s two ways to make a man orgasm harder and faster than ever before.