How to Choose Your Teen Pageant Dress

It is believed by many that in a teen pageant, the teen pageant dress is even more important than the girl’s personality or her answers to interview questions. More than that, it is said that the dress itself should be a visual extension of the girl’s personality for all the world, and the judges, to see. Whatever the case may be, there’s no disputing the importance of the perfect dress.

A pageant dress should show off the uniqueness of the contestant. One-of-a-kind dresses can be found relatively easily through many dressmakers. But make sure that it’s the only teen pageant dress of its kind. It would be embarrassing if two contestants were to compete wearing the same one. However, you might consider getting a dress worn by a former contestant, especially a former winner.

Each formal gown should show off the contestant’s figure, while also being elegant. Be sure to get a dress that suits the feel and style of the pageant as well. For pageants with older contestants, the idea is to look both classy and sexy at the same time. Girls in these older aged pageants should get teen pageant dresses that show off their figures in the most eye catching and appealing manner, while also having a flowing bottom to give the sense of class and elegance. For pageants with young teens, however, a modest look is more appropriate. A pageant dress should still look elegant and stunning, but with far less sex appeal. Often in these younger contestants, judges will want to see personality much more than curves.

You should keep your personality and body type in mind when shopping for a dress, as not all styles will compliment every girl’s figure. Don’t just go and buy something off the rack or from the dressmaker simply because it looks dazzling; what looks amazing on the hanger may not look as becoming on you. Because of this, always be sure to try on your teen pageant dress before you buy it. Find the dress that not only looks marvelous, but also makes you look marvelous in it.