Teen Bedding for Boys

Choosing the right pattern in

for your teenage boy’s bedding can be crucial. A teenage boy is not a kid anymore and is just on the verge of becoming a man. His tastes have changed from juvenile bedding, to posters of his favorite band, or sports figures on his walls. Choosing new teen bedding should reflect his individuality.

Many sites can be located online for teen bedding for boys. Some sites suggest faux fur for boys, made of luxurious and soft materials. A faux fur throw or blanket at the end of the young man’s bed can be a welcome site on a cold winter night. Teen bedding in faux fur is inexpensive and can be purchased in many darker male colors, such as orange tiger stripes or a dark mink. They also can be purchased in an extra long length for those gangly legs of a teenage boy.

When the teenage boy prefers something more gender specific, he can choose from green or brown camouflage, airplanes, spaceships, snowboards, surf boards, NASCAR, the NBA, or NFL designs. There are many varieties available in plaids, stripes, solid colors, denims, and polyester blends. All are machine washable, non fading, and durable enough to withstand the toss around habits of a teenage boy. For a more modern and mature look, teen bedding can also be found in an army boot camp theme, or an ultimate rock theme. The rock theme is quite unique in that the

is complete with guitars, drums, skulls and usually on a black background, and is one hundred percent microfiber polyester with a polyester fill. The microfiber is soft to the touch, and can be ordered in an oversize twin size to fit most dorm beds. This unique ensemble is reversible, with a solid black on the reverse side, and all accessories to complete the look are available as well. The ensemble can be purchased in all sizes and includes sheets, shams, valance, and a bed skirt.

Going with the music theme in

for teenage boys is hip hop bedding. This ensemble can be found in many splashy and vibrant colors and is a hit with most of today’s modern teenage boys. Choices can be made to include dj’s, rap artists, to crowds of dancing girls. This teen bedding can be purchased with a fleece blanket or a duvet cover, and includes sheets, shams, pillow cases, and a bed skirt to match. A person can also get creative and add wall murals or stickups of their teenage boy’s favorite rock star or band in hip hop, funk, or good ole rock and roll. The images of these favorite stars can also be purchased in a life sized form and helps to turn that ordinary room into a work of art.

Gothic is a popular theme with teenage boys for their teen bedding. Black on black is the color for a true teenage gothic enthusiast. A bed in a bag ensemble can be purchased in this theme, available in seven pieces, which includes the softest microfiber comforter, bed sheets, two shams, and two decorative pillows. For a variety in Goth, bedding with skulls is also available, and includes black satin sheets, a micro suede comforter,

, pillows and valance embedded with skulls. Vampire wall hangings and macabre posters with black lights to complete the revival of the gothic look will impress a teenage boy and his friends to no end.

When a person is searching for teen bedding for boys, they want to look for a durable ensemble that is machine washable. Many modern pleasing styles are available to not only add comfort, but will add fashionable ambience to any teenage boy’s room.