How to Give Incredible Anal Orgasms

Anal sex is often thought of as taboo, so learning how to give incredible anal orgasms is not something we hear a lot about. It is quite possible – and quite pleasurable – to have an intense orgasm from anal sex. The keys are patience and an open mind.

Since many women (and men too) may see anal sex as dirty, the best way to set the stage for anal orgasms is with a shower. Cleaning one another can be an incredibly erotic form of foreplay and will ensure that the anal area is ready for penetration.

A bit of an anatomy lesson is required before any anal play should be attempted. The anus is not like a woman’s vagina, so it will not become wet and lubricated even when she gets excited. In order to make anal sex pleasurable and be able to give her great anal orgasms, you must have plentiful lubrication.

A stimulating way to get her ready for this sort of sexual act is to massage the entire area around her anus – inner thighs, vaginal lips, buttocks – with oil or lubricant. This will arouse her immensely and help her to relax and prepare for anal penetration.

Once she is relaxed, ready and wet, you can slowly begin stimulating the anus, either with your fingers or orally. Continue to use more lubricant as needed and work your way into penetrating her anally with just the tip of your finger. Give her time to get used to this sensation before pushing in further or adding another finger. Remember, the anus is not elastic like the vagina, so it takes time to get used to being penetrated.

As she gets used to being anally penetrated, the pleasurable feelings will grow and make it possible to add another finger or two and eventually engage in very satisfying and orgasmic anal sex.