Plus Size Panty Girdles – The Classic Panty Shaper For A More Defined Derriere

When initially researching into the type of body shapers I wanted to try and the effects I needed, one of my problem areas is by bottom. It’s big (that’s a given), but it’s not a perfect shape and I’m sure it starts at my hips! So I looked into body shapers for the bottom in the form of plus size panty girdles. For me a long leg panty girdle was the perfect solution as it would reshape my butt, keep my thighs neat and trim and keep my hips and bottom in proportion for a smooth curve.

I’ve completely won my mother over with the benefits of plus size panty girdles too. They are not ‘girdles’ as we know them, but they do tend to come in a very ‘traditional’ (i.e old fashioned/classic) styles. Panty girdles are known by a number of names including: Control panty, Support panty and panty shaper. The benefits of this amazing invention, especially the new and improved plus size panty girdles are that they are made with breathable fabric. Almost all sold today are classified as light, medium, or firm. Most women find light control panty shapers are generally preferred, but firm control panty girdles offer maximum support.

To match your existing wardrobe, you may need to purchase different girdles to look your very best. These panty shapers are actually sold by waist size and intended to fit women with hips which are no greater than 10 inches bigger than their waist. However, although you may have larger hips, it is strongly recommended that you choose your girdle to suit your waist. Women coming from all sizes have a range of beautiful colors, flattering styles and support levels that fit their bodies perfectly. Virtually all panty girdles have cotton lined panty shields and a lot of beautiful details and embellishments of lace, satin or embroidered designs.