Measuring for the Perfect Plus Size Designer Dresses Fit So You Can Look And Feel Your Best

The plus size market is the fastest-growing segment of the American retail market. With the market for plus size designer dresses expanding, there are going to be lots of new concepts for full-figured frolicking around sprouting up in a town near you. Get the most of your plus size designer names by learning how to measure yourself for an absolute optimum fit, which is especially important when buying plus size designer dresses:

: In order to obtain accurate bust measurements, measure around your body, under your arms, followed by the flattest area of your bust.

: Begin measuring your waist by adding between two and four inches to the size of your waist.

: Accurate hip measurements are obtained by measuring around the fullest area of your hips. This is the area that is typically eight inches below the waist.

: You won’t actually have to measure yourself for your inseam measurements, just grab your favorite pair of pants and preferably a pair that fit you to tee. Measure the pants from the crotch area to the cuff’s inside seam.

: Don’t invest in anymore plus size designer dresses until you’ve determined your dress size. Purchasing elegant dresses is always iffy, simply because prom, bridesmaids’, and especially wedding dresses are not sized in the same way as your favorite pair of jeans. Figure out whether your top or bottom half is larger, once you’ve determined that use the larger size as your dress size-dresses can always be altered, you know.

: Secure your belt size by measuring approximately two inches below the waist.

: To figure out your bra measurement, snuggly tuck a roll of measuring tape just beneath your bust. Take a look at that number, if it is odd, think 39 for instance, round up to the next number, in this case 40. Subtract the size of your bust from your bra band size-this will help you figure out your cup size.

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