Reasons Why Young Women Love Older Men

What attracts a young woman to an older man? What is she seeking? Love, Understanding, Support, Financial Security, a Father figure, the Unknown or Marriage? There are many reasons why young women love older men.

Ask yourself what does every woman want? A woman wants to have a stable life, a man with a good stable job that can provide a home, a stable future, children, great sex, a best friend, at least one vacation a year and a little bit of adventure would not hurt. She wants to feel like a princess even if her only kingdom is a rented apartment, she wants to reign with a smile on her face and a great love in her heart. She wants to be treated with kindness, respected and never taken for granted. A woman wants to feel special, cherished and loved.

Young women love older men and prefer them for many reasons. Older men have already played the field, know what they want, have been around longer, have more life experiences, are more worldly and well traveled. They not only hear but listen to what the younger woman has to say, they ask questions and are interested in what she is saying. These older men know how women count on their support and they are more than happy to give their woman what she needs. They come to her full of wonderful tales of travels, good and bad life experiences, wisdom and knowledge of which in many cases she has only slightly tasted. The older man is many times much more sophisticated, cultured and chivalrous than the average young guy. They enjoy long, deep conversations about topics that interest her, always striving to nurture the mental connection between them, they enjoy pleasing their woman. Often times, he has acquired faith in God or at least the belief that there is a higher power and has embraced spirituality. The younger woman may or may not be spiritual but if she is this connection will only strengthen the bond between them. Financial security, sexual experience, masculinity, chivalry, confidence, communication skills and mystery are things that some men take decades to cultivate. In the meantime, these young women spend a huge part of their life with men their own age who will never give them what an older man can.

In an older man she seeks everything she has not been able to find in a man her own age. The older man comes to her ready willing and able to offer her a fulfilling life which is one of the biggest reasons why young women love older men. He takes her to a world she does not know and she is enthralled.

That is the magnet! He satisfies her on every level.

A major difference between marrying an older man and marrying a man her own age is that most of the time once an older man marries that younger woman, he will continue to wine and dine her, he will continue to make her feel like a princess, like a woman, like his pride and joy. The younger man on the other hand after marrying often times stops wining and dining and stops romancing his woman. He gets lazy and stops doing the little things that he use to do before they were married.

So when a younger woman marries an older man it is because in him she has found everything that was always missing from her past relationships. She finds fulfillment on all the levels that count for her, she has come full circle, her search is over, she has found Mr. Right.