Fashion Tips For the Plus Size Pear Shaped Teen

A plus size teen can look very fashionable and great. It just takes a little planning and knowing what your body type is. If you dress for your body type, you can be a fashion winner.

If you are a plus size pear, you’ve got a curvy bottom with round hips and full thighs. You’ve probably also got some positives that you want to accentuate like a slim neck, graceful shoulders and a waistline.

Shop for clothes that will draw attention to your upper body. Buy tops in prints and bright colors. Look for tops with unusual necklines like a boat neck, scooped neckline or a squared off neckline. Tops that have designs gracing the shoulders or neckline will also draw attention to your upper body and face, helping to balance your top with your bottom.

Look for tops that are just a bit fitted so you can show off your waistline. But don’t buy anything that is too tight. On the other hand, don’t buy anything too loose, as you want to show off your waistline.

Show off your waistline with a belt or scarf. Show off your face with a stylish haircut.

If you want to add a jacket or blazer to your look, buy one that stops just at or slightly above your waistline. You don’t want anything to stop where your hips are the widest.

Look for a-line cut skirts that fit at the waistline and smoothly cover your hips and thighs. An a-line skirt will show off your waistline while covering your bottom.

Buy jeans with plain back pockets. You don’t want fancy designs on the back pockets that will draw attention to your hips.