Choosing a Flower Girl

Choosing a flower girl for your wedding is a big decision. Sometimes the right girl is as plain as can be and the decision is easy. For others, choosing this little girl is more difficult. You may have multiple candidates among family and friends, which makes narrowing your choice down hard. A flower girl is typically in the age range of four to six years old, although there are cases where you might want someone older or younger depending on different circumstances.

The Age Range

The reason you might want to consider a flower girl who is between four and six years of age is because this age range is cute and girls this age can do unpredictable things that make her personality shine on your big day. This range is always good because girls this age can be trained to do what they are supposed to do without much rehearsal needed. You want someone who will listen and follow directions.

Too Many Choices

If you have multiple girls that you could choose to be your flower girl, it can be hard to narrow it down. You might consider having two flower girls, which is not all that uncommon. If it is a decision between a little girl in the family and you don’t want to run the risk of hurting anyone’s feelings, you will need to discuss your dilemma with each of the family members involved. Families should be helpful to you in your planning stages of the wedding details. Do keep in mind that this is your big day, and you have the final decision, whether someone is happy about it or not. You can’t please all people all of the time.

Friend Over Family

Choosing a flower girl should be personal to the wedding couple. This means that relatives are not always the best choice. Perhaps you met your mate through a common friend, who has an adorable little girl that you have grown to love and cherish. If she is the one you want in your bridal party, by all means she should be. It is hard to pick a friend over a family member, but when you look back on your special day, you may have many more fond memories of why you chose a friend over family.

Avoid Picking the Cutest Child

When choosing your flower girl, avoid announcing the fact that you made your decision based on how cute one little girl is over another. This could lower the self-esteem of a child greatly. It may be one of your deciding factors, but there is probably another reason that you could explain as to your decision, if you are ever asked.

A Bundle of Nerves

Be prepared for rejection when choosing your flower girl, and have other possibilities in mind. Some little children are very inward and shy. The idea of walking down an aisle with lots of onlookers can be scary. You might be surprised to find that your invitation is turned down. In this case, make sure you have a backup person in mind. Even adult flower girls are becoming more and more popular these days. It’s just something worth thinking about.

Additional Information

The important thing to remember is that your wedding day should be spectacular. If you feel comfortable with whom you have chosen to be your flower girl, then you know you made the right choice. Years from now you won’t remember squabbles with family and friends over your decision, but how radiant that little girl made your feel. So choose the right flower girl dress for your little choice and make her look great and special on your most important day.