Five Tips For Looking Ten Pounds Thinner In Clothing In Plus Size

You probably already know that black is a slimming color, but, there are other secrets to looking thinner in clothing in plus size. The best-dressed women in the world have learned techniques to lengthen their body, hide their bulges, and play up their best features. Learn these secrets for dressing your thinnest in clothing in plus size, and everyone will think that you’ve dropped ten pounds.

One way to look instantly slimmer is to dress in one color. While you can vary the tone within the outfit, keeping to one color will create an optical illusion of added length. When you dress in contrasting shades, the eye sees blocks of color that can make you appear heavier and shorter.

A common mistake that plus-size women make is to dress in oversized, shapeless clothes. You are not fooling anyone in baggy t-shirts and sweats, though. All of that extra fabric will make you appear larger than you really are. Look for clothing in plus sizes that is structured, tailored, and fits well. You will find, that by not trying to drape your body in yards of fabric, you will give yourself a much slimmer appearance.

On the other end of the fashion spectrum, there are those who think that if they wear clothes two sizes too small, they will appear slimmer. This is also a big mistake. Clothes that constrict will highlight bulges and make you appear uncomfortable and heavier. Don’t worry about the size on the tag. Buy clothing that is comfortable; form fitting and not tight.

Everyone has those areas of the body that they would prefer not to highlight. Well, the trick is to camouflage them. If your arms are heavy, don’t wear tank tops or cap sleeves. You would be better off with an elbow length sleeve. Are your calves bulky? Stay away from cropped pants, and look, instead, for a pair of full-length trousers. Whatever your trouble spots, try styles that skim over heavy areas rather than exposing or clinging to them.

A surefire trick for looking taller and thinner is to wear vertical stripes. They draw the eye upwards creating a long, lean look. However, you won’t want to don horizontal stripes that will make you appear wider. A tailored pinstripe suit is one way to take advantage of this optical illusion.

It’s simple to look ten pounds thinner in your clothes. Stick to these slimming secrets, and you’ll look your slender best.