Fun and Playful Red Bridesmaids and Flower Girls Dresses

You’ve chosen the bridal gown, flowers, tuxes and the decorations and all that’s left is the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses. Picking out the dresses for the wedding party is made easier when the choices are such lovely shades of red as apple, ruby and scarlet. Of course, if the bride is wearing the red dress, the bridesmaids and flower girls can wear white with matching frills and adornments.

Red colors can, and should be, accented with other colors to create stylish looks to match themes. Small things can really make an outfit look completely different; as will certain shades.

Scarlet red with ivory lace is very rustic and antique feel and perfect for a country style wedding that wants to add a little glamour.

A touch of black or white with an apple red and the outfits look more modern and contemporary. “Modern” styles are different from “contemporary”. A modern theme means using updated and current colors from the 40s and forward. Contemporary means using colors and styles which are trendy at the moment. Contemporary colors change from season to season and year to year. Contemporary colors right now, in 2009, are teal and fuchsia, but that may change in future months. The best way to find out what colors are in style is to check the runways of fashion week.

Adding frills to the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses is simple. It’s a matter of accenting colors to enhance the pictures. Therefore, it’s important to match them to the bride. If the bride is wearing white, the bridesmaids and flower girls will look fantastic in red dresses. The red dresses can be accented with white sashes, bows, headbands and shawls. If the bride chooses a red dress, the bridesmaids will look better in white with red bows, sashes, headbands and jewelry.

One thing that is really wonderful is to make the red flower girl dresses as pretty as possible. Little girls love frills and accoutrements. The prettier the dress, the cuter the flower girl. Add little tiaras, rhinestone or ruby necklaces and earrings. It makes the day more special for both the couple and the flower girl.

Bridesmaids and flower girls aren’t just accessories to the wedding; they’re friends and family. They’re the important people in our lives. However, the way they look is also important for the pictures and ceremony. The day, after all, is about the bride and groom and all the focus should be on them. The red dresses are a beautiful accent to the special day and to the couple.