How to Make a Girl Orgasm Real Fast – 3 Secrets You Must Know to Make a Girl Go Crazy in Bed

While it is easy for a man to reach a climax during love making, it will take some amount of work for the female. Before you can give your woman mind blowing orgasm, you must first know if the different types of orgasms that a woman can experience.

There are two main types of orgasms: the vaginal and the clitoral orgasms. As the name suggest you will have to fondle her clitoris properly to give her a clitoral orgasm while you will have to fondle her G-spot to give her a vaginal orgasm.

Here are 3 secrets to make your woman go crazy and have a climax real fast:

Tip #1- Don’t Avoid Foreplay-

Most men just want to get to the point of sex without even paying some attention their woman’s body. You should kiss your woman all over her body. This will send shivers up her spine and make her aroused very quickly. The more aroused she is, the quicker you will get her to climax.

Tip #2- Play With Her Clitoris

Another fast way to get your woman to explode real quick is to have oral sex with her. Use your tongue to play with her clitoris and this will make her go crazy. Make small circular motions all over the clitoris and paying close attention to her moans. Whatever make her feel the most pleasure you should continue to do it.

Tip #3- Stimulate Her G-Spot-

This is one of the best ways to give her multiple orgasms. Unlike clitoral orgasms where the clitoris may become tender after the first climax, you can stimulate the G-spot for long periods of time to make your woman cum several times.

Simply insert your fingers into the vagina and locate the G-spot about 1-2 inches on the upper walls of the vagina. Use your finger to stimulate it gently but sturdy in a come here” motion and following her movements to see what pleases her most.