High Heels and Make-Up For Girls! How Young is Too Young?

If your 10-year old daughter is pestering you for purple eye shadow and a pair of high heels, you can join the army of parents trying to keep their little girls-well, little! Young girls are now actively checking out fashion magazines meant for women many times their age, and it doesn’t help when publishing houses put out mags such as

to hook girls in very early. There’s certainly nothing wrong with your daughter wanting to be hip and fashionable, as long as it’s age appropriate.

If your daughter is at least 13, a little tinted lip gloss is perfectly fine, but save mascara, blush and other make-up that is clearly meant for an adult for a time when she is older. Indulge your daughter with a little light pink or clear nail polish if she’s so inclined, but keep away from dark colors unless you’re not worried about her turning into the town hooch.

Extremely high heels look positively ridiculous on a girl under the age of 17, particularly those with spindly legs. If your teen wants a taller heel consider a chunky wedge in a style fitting for a younger girl and not a 6 inch stiletto that is now the rage among celebs. You can find a cool shoe meant for young girl without resorting to stripper footwear.

Teens often succumb to peer pressure when it comes to dressing, so start to instill in her early that what matters is what looks good and appropriate on her-not about particular brands, the latest trends or what everyone else is doing. As a parent, you want to help your daughter to fit in and build a strong sense of confidence in her, and you can certainly do this without turning her into a nun or a hooker. Find a happy medium and allow your daughter to develop her own sense of style with some boundaries you can all live with.

Your daughter doesn’t need to dress like you do, and her own fashion sense should be encouraged. If she’s into bright colors or prints, by all means let her roll with it. Even if you don’t particularly care for the look, don’t stifle her fun as long as she’s being respectful. Let her know that plunging necklines, heavy make-up and spiky heels are a no-no, but give her some leeway to be creative with a look that is her own.