The Junior Hostest With The Mostest

Stylish and elegant young ladies know that the holiday season is truly their time to shine. For many ‘tweens, it’s the first opportunity to display newfound etiquette (particularly at the table), an improved posture, and most likely a fabulous, age-appropriate party dress.

Many of these girls will also be given additional responsibility – that of junior hostess as Mom serves up a Thanksgiving feast

A good junior hostess abides by the following:

1. Asking Mom what needs to be done and doing it thoroughly and without complaint

2. Greeting each guest with a handshake and a very polite “hello”.

3. Minding one’s manners throughout the day. This is not the time to argue with your bratty brother.

4. If relegated to the “kid table, accepts her position with dignity and grace.

5. Refrains from watching TV, plugging in the iPod, or playing computer games until given the okay to do so.

Gone are the days of wearing sweats and lounging around the house (or hiding out in your room) as Mom and Dad work hard to host a family gathering. Do your best to look your best, and remember that a smile goes a long way for happier holidays. By adopting the above skills now, and focusing to be the best you can be at all times, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an elegant woman. It takes practice, though, so if something doesn’t go off as planned (you spill something or forget to shake Uncle Jake’s hand, etc.) don’t worry – you’ll pull if off successfully the next time.

With age and maturity comes responsibility. I’m confident that you will fall into the festivities fabulously!