Oral Sex – 5 Reasons Why Some Women Hate Giving Oral Sex

Why do so many women hate giving oral sex? All of you may be very surprised at the reasons behind this very sensitive question. Here are the 5 Reasons Why Some Women Hate Giving Oral Sex.

Reason 1

Hygiene. If you know that you are going to be close and intimate with a beautiful woman. It is very important to wash, shave and to have clean and neat clothing on. Now, is the time to look your best? This is a very valid reason why women do not want to give you oral sex.

Reason 2

You receive oral sex from her, but don’t want to return the favor to your partner. This is another reason why there are so many problems with couple’s sex lives. The last place that you should be selfish is in bed.

Reason 3

Many women find that giving oral sex to a man is nothing but work for them? Like moping the floor or scrubbing the stains out of the toilet. For Some women they just do not like to perform oral sex on men. Period.

Reason 4

Women also complain that they have to perform this oral act on men for hours and hours on end or with some men until they come. This situation can also have a very negative outcome on how a woman feels about performing on her man.

Reason 5

Women complain that there boyfriend or husband want them to swallow there sperm. Women may not necessarily enjoy swallowing other human beings bodily fluids. So if she does not want to do it, don’t try to force her to. The arguing during sex will turn you both off anyway.

The best thing you can do with the women you are with who feels uncomfortable having oral sex with you is by asking from the beginning of the relationship, what does she enjoy? What makes her satisfied in bed? This way you have an idea of what to do or what not to do in bed together.