Dressing Up With My Favorite Bratz Dolls

Before there were iPods, playstations, mobile phones, dvds or even the world wide web, little girls all around the world play with only two kinds of dolls: The paper dolls from cut-out card boards and those that are store brought. Now, the little girls in that era, whatever kind of dolls they were playing love to dress up their dolls in pretty dresses of every fluffs and frills imaginable. They would spend hours priming up their dolls and talking to them as if the dolls could talk back and to seal the shared secret between girl and doll, the doll will be given a new outfit to change into.

Fast forward to the age of YouTube and Facebook, little girls in this generation still love to dress their dolls in pretty outfits, but thanks to technology they can now do so with ease. Dressing up dolls now only involves a mouse click and, in case of Bratz games, drag and drop.

Bratz games are one of those on-line games that made this act of dressing up dolls virtually possible. Bratz games are a collection of flash games based on the highly successful franchise of Bratz dolls. If you do not know what are Bratz dolls or what they look like, they are those dolls that are fashionably dressed in modern attires making yellow-haired Barbie look like their grandmother.

The different games are unique in their own way and require different skills to play depending on the child’s taste of fashion. But the Bratz games that enable children to dress their dolls with assortment of clothes are Cloe from Bratz, Yasmin Bratz Dress Up, Sheridan Bratz, Bratz Getting Ready, Bratz Ice Champions and Bratz Fashion Designer.

In Yasmin Bratz Dress Up, girls could have fun dressing up their favorite doll character Yasmin in a bunch of clothes in different styles. The same is also done in Sheridan Bratz wherein you get to dress up the raven haired character Sheridan. Meanwhile, Bratz Getting Ready allows the player to dress up their favorite Bratz character for a date with her Prince Charming. But the most innovative among these Bratz games is the Bratz Fashion Designer wherein aspiring little girls could become a virtual fashion designer all on their own.

Once you click on a link of the chosen game, the flash window opens and the Bratz character (depending on the game) appears midscreen with clothes that are more than those found in some households placed on either side of the window. The clothes look like they all came from a fashion magazine. One only has to click on the clothes and release it once you reach the Bratz character.

Although the games are all done through a mouse click, the experience of dressing up a doll is no less than diminished. The choice of what the doll should wear still rest on the little girls. These little girls still get the same pleasure of making their little dolls as prettiest as possible in the corner of their quiet world.