Celebrate a Bratz Party with a Passion for Girls Fashion!

Invite all the neighborhood girls to the next Bratz Party. For a creative invitation, mail out makeup compacts with the date and time of the party on the inside. Ask them to join Cloe, Jade and Sasha for a sleep over! Make sure that everyone brings their own Bratz gear so that girls can swap and play with Bratz dolls they don’t already have.

A great Bratz party activity is to gather all the girls in a room with paper covering the floor and set up a manicure or pedicure shop by setting up chairs at a card table. Give each girl what may be their first manicure or pedicure by washing and painting their nails. Have at least three colors of polish for the girls to choose from. For an extra treat purchase some finger nail stickers or have some fake nails on hand for the girls to try on.

After the manicure the girls at the Bratz party it’s time for the Bratz fashion show. Have make-up and play dress up clothes for the girls to try on and wear. Encourage them to create an aisle and practice walking down the runway. For laughs, have the girls try to walk while balancing a book on their heads.

What Bratz party is complete without glitter? For easy clean up, confine glitter use to a craft project like outlining a Bratz coloring page with glitter.

However you plan your Bratz party it is certain that the guest of honor will be sure to Shimmer Sparkle and Shine!