Flower Girl Dresses – Top Ten Tips For Choosing a Dress

Dresses are a special part of any wedding. Brides only have one chance to get their wedding right. So here are our Top Ten Tips for Choosing Dresses:

1. Age Appropriate Most girls are between the ages of four and eight years old. The bride should consider the age of the girl. If she is very young, make sure that the dress she will be wearing is not only stylish, but comfortable. A bride doesn’t want the young woman to be pulling at her dress, tripping down the aisle, or worse – shedding tears as she walks down the aisle.

2. Affordable The bride will usually expect the girl’s parents to pay for her dress. Be aware of their budget and choose a dress that is affordable. If the bride sees an expensive dress that she would absolutely love to have, offer to split the cost with the parents.

3. Try Something Different Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Some very sophisticated weddings have had young ladies walking down the aisle in a chic and formal pantsuit. This takes care of comfort. A stunning color, rhinestone buttons, lace borders – all of these can make a beautiful addition to the wedding party.

4. Length A favorite length for dresses is one that hits the middle of the calf. Don’t choose a dress that is below the ankle; a bride doesn’t want her to trip as she is walking.

5. Don’t Make the girl’s dress too soon. Girls between the ages of four and eight grow very fast. If you’re having custom-made dresses sewn, make the girl’s dress last. This will avoid having the flower girl outgrow the dress before the wedding.

6. Don’t Forget the Accessories The bride will need to decide what accessories she wants her girl(s) to have. What will she wear in her hair – ribbons, bows, flowers, a tiara? Will she wear earrings – pierced or clips? What color should the shoes be?

7. Favorite Colors The most popular color for dresses is white. Secondly are the pastel colors. For Christmas weddings, girls may be seen wearing red. At evening weddings, they may wear darker colors.

8. Consider the Ringbearer Don’t forget the little boy who will be the girl’s partner. It’s best to match up what the Ringbearer will wear with the dresses. Choose their attire at the same time; don’t make the Ringbearer an afterthought or the two children may not coordinate well together.

9. Remember, She’s a very young lady. Regardless what the bridesmaids are wearing, remember that she is still very young. The most popular designs for dresses are those that are feminine, frilly, and that celebrate childhood.

10. Make It Fun It is far better to see a smiling or laughing young lady in an unremarkable dress than a serious or crying young woman in a designer gown. Make the experience of being in the wedding a fun time, and she will always remember your wedding with fond memories.