The Guide For Nordstrom Dresses

Nordstrom is an upscale department store chain in the United States which was founded by John Nordstrom. Today the store counts among Fortune 500’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’. The store started off as a shoe retailer but now sells shoes, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics and fragrances and of course, the famous Nordstrom dresses.

The brand is famous for the fact that it was among the earliest stores to understand the fact that women don’t just come in a size six, as the majority of the world seemed to think so. They realized that women do actually exist in all shapes and sizes, like the classic hourglass, the pear, straight, apple-shaped and full-busted to flat. Every dress from this company comes in all of these sizes to complement every woman’s figure. Junior sizes, petite, maternity, plus sizes etc are all available so you never have to go without something that you fall in love with. Best of all, to help you get to that perfect dress, almost all departments in this company have trained shopping advisors who will tell you which dress will best suit you and your style, making every shopping day fun and fruitful.

The important thing is that this is a huge brand and gets customers from every walk of life, including the middle class and the wealthy. There are some beautiful Nordstrom dresses available at unbelievable budget prices, so that you can walk away with the most gorgeous item without breaking your bank. To accommodate some of the finer tastes, the company also stocks dresses by some of the biggest designers in the world today. The list includes names like Vera Wang, Donna Morgan, Donna Karan, Christian Dior and Calvin Klein. In fact, they get to stock some of the most beautiful Vera Wang wedding dresses, including some designed exclusively for the store. Nordstrom dresses made by Donna Morgan also come in a huge selection, from silk gowns to lovely, cool summer frocks; there is something for everyone.

Nordstrom dresses overall come in a huge variety. You can find everything here, from pretty daywear to opulent eveningwear. They offer several categories of dresses to choose from, making it easy to do your shopping and save time, effort and money especially if you are looking online. Some of the categories include cocktail dresses, prom and homecoming, wear to work bridesmaids, wedding gowns, evening gowns and even mother of the bride. Think of the dress and find it you will!