Is it True That Young Ladies Love Bigger Penises?

Despite the fact that your girl would not openly tell you this, the truth is that when it comes to penis size, ladies love bigger penises. First, what is the meaning of “big” that most ladies refer to? A large number of ladies consider a penis as “big” when it’s length is clearly above seven inches and girth is five inches thick.

The problem with a small penis size is one of the three leading causes of sexual unhappiness for women; the others are impotence and premature ejaculation. Apparently because of the understanding nature of most women, they seem to help their boyfriends/husband in solving other sexual problems in their lives and their relationship but when it comes to the question of their boyfriend’s/husband’s penis size they tend to hide under the declaration that it is not the size that matters but what you do with it.

But is the preference for a bigger penis only based on the fact that a big penis is more aesthetically pleasing to ladies? Yes! And there are also more reasons.

One of the motives for ladies preferring men with bigger penises is that a bigger size is physically capable of stimulating more sexual centers, both around the walls of the vagina and deep into the vagina. Even if you could help your girlfriend achieve orgasms by rubbing and fondling with her clitoris, the kind of orgasms she would experience are short (similar to the type she can achieve by masturbating) in comparison with the orgasms she would achieve through a combination of deep penetration of the vagina and the stimulation of her clitoris, by a thick and bigger penis. The kind orgasms she would be experiencing are much more explosive and durable.

Another reason why young ladies go for guys with bigger penises is that such guys are usually fantastic lovers, that is they are much more confident during sexual intercourse than their not so well endowed counterparts. Also we all know that young ladies are much fascinated by a big penis than a small one.

The sight of a thick and long penis is something most ladies adore. Just the sight of an erect big penis makes most ladies more enthusiastic about sex and makes them much more open to achieving multiple orgasms. For some ladies just seeing an erect large penis makes them go into overdrive.

A large penis makes it easier for a woman to be sexually aroused even before fondling and foreplay starts. This scenario makes it much easier for women to achieve multiple orgasms because their bodies are in a state that is receptive to been penetrated by their sex partner with a big penis.

In an anonymous survey in 2004 the results showed that 85% of women wished it were possible for their male sex partners to increase their penis size. Meaning most women want a big penis. It also revealed that the women who responded to the survey had not said anything concerning penis size to their boyfriend/husband. They had never brought up the issue of wanting a bigger penis in their vaginas to their boyfriend/husband. It appears that most women are sensitive to their lovers, and do not want to hurt their feelings because they think that when it comes to penis size, a man has to make do with whatever size GOD has given him.

But how wrong are these women! Nowadays a large number of men have discovered that a man is not stuck with his penis size. There are now methods that a man can use if he wishes to enlarge his penis. It could be either penis exercises or herbal penis enlargement pills or even a combination of the two methods, which most men like me consider as being the best approach to a penis enlargement program.

Penis exercises work by stretching your penile tissues and ensuring that they grow to larger sizes. During rest days your penile tissues heal and re-grow to larger sizes, and within a few weeks you begin noticing a slightly larger penis size.

On the other herbal penis enlargement pills work by increasing blood flow to the genitals and stimulating penis growth. These herbal penis enlargement pills are comparable to those special supplements Bodybuilders use in increasing the size of their muscles.

Although herbal penis enlargement pills cause penis growth on their own, the real truth is that whatever gain you see when using these pills alone are not permanent and would slowly diminish when you stop taking the pills. This is one reason why you should engage in a natural penis enlargement program when taking herbal penis enlargement pills. That is the reason why some quality herbal penis enlargement pills like vigrxPlus and prosolution pills usually come packaged with a quality natural penis enlargement program.

Are you seriously concerned about the small size of your penis? Then you need to hurry and get a quality natural penis enlargement exercise program and take a herbal penis enlargement pill to quicken up your penile gains. Within few weeks of using these two methods of natural penis enlargement (penis exercises and herbal penis pills), you would be astonished at the huge size of your bigger penis.