The Must Have Essentials for Your Kids Summer Wardrobe

The Summer months are finally here so it’s time to clear away those winter jackets and make way for cotton summer frocks, cargo shorts and sandals. There are lots of gorgeous kids clothes this Summer season. We’ve got a list of the must have childrens clothing for your child’s wardrobe this Summer.

For boys

Cargo Shorts- A few pairs of cargo shorts are perfect for boys this Summer. A navy pair is great for going out, while some great tough drill shorts by Jac and Jeffy are ideal for visits to the park and playtime.

Cotton shirts and t-shirts-Boys can never have enough t-shirts and they are perfect for wearing all Summer long. Get a variety of bright colours in deep blues, greens and oranges. For special occasions, a nice button up linen shirt is a great option this Summer and looks great with cargo shorts or trousers.

Sandals-A great pair of durable sandals are a must for boys this Summer. Yunginz have a great Sandoze Boys Velcro sandal that is perfect for wearing all Summer long. They are easy to put on and will match virtually any outfit.

For girls

Cotton sun dresses- the long cotton sun dress is perfect for hot days and playing in the yard. It’s all about floral prints and bright shades. A few of these are a must have item in your little girls wardrobe this Summer. Whats great about them too is on those days when the weather cools down, simply add some tights and a light cardigan.

Shorts and skirts- For going to the park and lazy afternoons playing on the grass this Summer a pair of shorts and a few knee length skirts are just the thing and ideal girls clothes for playtime. Like most of the girls Summer clothing, if the weather does cool off, a pair of tights and a cardigan can simply be layered with the outfit to keep your little one warm.

Sandals-Move the winter gumboots over and make way for summer sandals. Yunginz have released a gorgeous Butterfly Sandal which is perfect for Summer and your little girl is sure to love them.

Accessories for boys and girls-Heading into the warmer months when play time outdoors becomes longer, it is more important than ever for them to be protected from the sun. A great idea is to have their favourite hat by the back door so when they do want to go outside to play, they get in the habit of putting a hat on. Straw hats in dainty soft pinks are big this Summer for girls and are perfect for a trip to the beach as well as backyard playtime. A large soft canvas hat for boys is great for keeping the sun off and protecting their ears and neck too.

As the weather heats up there are a few essentials your little one should have in their wardrobe. I hope we’ve given you some helpful tips on the must have essentials for your child’s wardrobe this Summer season.