Back Brace Clothing – Best Clothes to Wear With a Support for Your Spine – Brace Companies Near You

Are you going to get a back support and are wondering what clothing you need to wear with it?

Are you wondering what type of clothing work best?

1.) Clothing and Back Braces

When you wear a back brace there are two different scenarios that apply.

A.) Wearing a Shirt Over A Brace

B.) The Need to Wear a Shirt Under The Brace

This kind of thing matters when you will be using a custom or prefabricated back support to help support your spine. We will explain…

2.) Wearing Clothing Over a Back Brace – Your Options

Most back supports are less than 1/2″ thick. You may look at back supports and think that they must be obvious to see under a shirt, but the truth is that they are not. A t-shirt (that’s not really tight) will cover the brace and help to conceal it surprisingly well. A back brace is actually more of something that is on the mind of the patient, much more than what other people can see.

True Story: One time a young woman wore a scoliosis tlso (custom back support that helps treat scoliosis) and she came into our office. These braces are slightly less than 1/2″ thick and cover the entire torso. She came into our offices and we asked her where her back brace was. We had thought she came to the appointment without her orthosis (back brace) and were wondering how she could have forgotten it because she was there for a back brace follow up visit! She then told us that she already had the brace on and it was easily hidden underneath her t-shirt! Even a brace professional can easily be tricked when it comes to a simple t-shirt and whether a patient has the brace on or not!

What Does This Mean For You?

This is a true account that can help you understand how concealed a brace can be just by a t-shirt. You can also wear nearly anything else over the brace, if it makes you feel more comfortable. This can include a button down shirt or a sweatshirt, for example.

3.) The Need to Wear a Shirt Under The Brace

Often times, a cotton t-shirt underneath a back support can be a great aid to patients. Why? – The bottom line is that it will do a couple different things.

A.) Help to protect your skin

B.) Absorb any perspiration

Typically there are no problems when it comes to a back support and your skin. It is always a good idea to monitor your skin with a brace and call your local licensee orthotist (brace provider) with any questions or concerns though. – The truth is that everyone sweats. When you use a t-shirt underneath a brace it will help to avoid sweat so you do not perspire directly into your back brace as well.

Note: This is health information, not medical advice. Speak with your local licensed orthotist to get the get medical advice regarding your particular brace.