Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties are forever fun to plan and arrange and if it is a party for a girl, then the party can be planned with more creativity. While planning a girl’s birthday party, ensure that the party is fit for girls with the chosen theme. It’s good if you have your own birthday party ideas but in case you are open to new and refreshing girl’s birthday party ideas then the easiest place to look is online. Nowadays there are lots of websites offering you exciting ideas for giving the birthday girl a fabulous birthday party.

Some popular themes are Pyjama sleepover parties which are great and the glow-in-the-dark accessories can make the party extra special. If you have a digital camera, take each girl’s picture and then print it out. Let the girls glue the picture to a piece of cardboard, using glue. Cut out the picture and you have a personalised paper doll.

Try to decorate everything in party. Drape and hang lots of streamers and balloons, add some feather boas. Dress up your party table with table cover, plates etc. Scatter sequins all around the table. Make a centerpiece with a bouquet of balloons tied to the handle of an inexpensive matching purse. You can arrange a special welcome party also. When the girls arrive, give them a fun, but simple make-over with the help of another adult/teen. Then let the girls select special hats, feather boa’s or some other fun fashion statement. Play some kids friendly hip-hop music and let the girls do a “fashion show” announcing each girl’s name.

For an all-girls birthday party, you can decide on the party favours that include little dolls, stickers, hair clips, nail polish and other things, which the little girls would find interesting.