Revolutionized Juniors Swimwear

Look at some old pictures of your mothers and you will find that the swimwear worn sixty or seventy years ago is making a comeback. Not so much the exact same suits but the styles of today’s swimsuits are very similar to back then. Two-piece suits were designed to cover much more than most of them do today but even those are being revolutionized.

More and more younger girls are turning to more coverage in terms of bathing suits. Designers and manufacturers have taken this into consideration but have also kept in mind that these are mainly teen girls who still want the versatility of a two-piece suit by designing one that combines coverage with versatility. The tankini is the brainstorm of a designer who was thinking of her own children when she designed it. She wanted the coverage of a one-piece suit but the convenience of a two-piece, so she incorporated the two and the tankini was born.

If you think about the swimsuits from fifty years ago, the tankini and some one-piece suits have similar designs. Back then they were designed to cover much more than most of them do today with higher backs and fronts as well as skirts that extended below the bottom of the swimsuit. The tankini and skirtini are both revolutionized swimsuits of that time with modern improvements made to them. Like the bell bottom pants, these swimsuits have returned to the racks with only a few concessions and improvements. One of those improvements is the boy cut bottoms that you can buy with your tankini.

The boy cut bottoms extend farther down the buttocks than most bathing suit bottoms. They are still a low cut piece but the legs extend down covering slightly more than the original bikini bottoms and a whole lot more than the thong. The skirtini bottoms are a panty cut bottom with a skirt extending past the bottom of the panty. They too cover more of the upper thigh than other bathing suit pieces.

The tops are designed to imitate a tank top. This gives girls the option of pulling the top up to expose some of the belly for tanning or leaving it down for coverage. Some of these tops still cut low in the front with zippers and ties and low in the back extending down to the mid rib area. They have wide straps that give added support and some even give added boost to the bust with push up cups. These suits are much more desirable to the younger set because of their versatility than the old bikinis did.

Most of today’s bathing suits are sold as separates so you can mix and match the pieces to get the exact suit you want. No longer do you have to suffer with the bottoms that fit and a top that sags or vice versa. You can find many of these suits online at various retailers at discount prices or almost any local retailer in your area.