Hollister Style Clothing For Every Occasion

Young people love the laid back style of Hollister clothing. It is important to note that this Hollister is geared towards slender youth. Anyone who has a few extra pounds on their body might be well advised to shop elsewhere however. This is true for girls and boys, but particularly for girls. The Hollister chain of retail clothing stores only stocks clothing from size 0 to 9, although they do have sizes small, medium, large and extra large.

Hollister is the place to go when you are searching for clothing to wear when you hang out after school or want to go to the movies or to the beach. Hollister’s specialty is youth apparel and you’ll find an exceptional selection of jeans, casual pants, including cargo and tear away models, as well as Capri pants for warmer weather. They have a wide array of tee shirts, tank tops, long-sleeved casual shirts and skirts. The only thing Hollister Clothing doesn’t sell is dresses. But if you’re in need of a bathing suit or swim trunks, Hollister’s has just what you’re looking for. They also carry a nice assortment of jackets and fleece jackets with hoods, known as ‘hoodies” that are so popular with today’s teens. Hollister represents California and most of the clothing features names associated with the state.

Hollister’s biggest sellers are boys and girls tees and girls tanks. Hollister does not sell boys tank tops. These basics come in a range of shades including red, blue black, and green. Some tops have the ‘Hollister’ name and logo, while others do not. These shirts come in sizes small through extra large. Tees start at $15.00. Button front shirts with both short and long sleeves are available for both sexes. Prices for button front shirts range from $20-$50.

Jeans are a vital part of the Hollister Clothing line and they are featured prominently. Many of the jeans sold in the store are described as being ‘distressed’. These are jeans that come with holes and worn spots in them and look like they’ve already been worn for a very long time, even though they are brand new! Pants for boys are sold according to waist size and the girl’s sizes are offered in the standard “junior” sizes which run 0 to 9, although there are a very few pairs of girls pants available in size 11. Athletic pants come in sizes small, medium, large and extra large for both boys and girls. The prices for pants at Hollister Clothing are in the $40-$50 range.