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The New Teen Culture – Emo

The newest trend amongst teens, “emo”, is quickly increasing in popularity… buy why?

The new trend is all about emotional music and expressing yourself in an individual way, without fear of what others think. It’s interesting taking a look at a cultural trend which likes to avoid labels and just be themselves (while being posers). In fact, if you talk to any emo kid they will give you a million-and-one reasons that they are in fact not an emo kid. But don’t worry, these kids aren’t afraid of labels. They want to be labeled, but they are scared to label themselves. They need the assurance that they look emo, and that you think they are emo.

Emo fashion is exploding. A walk around your average mall will reveal the new, and sometimes disturbing, fashion trend that is sweeping the world. These kids wear tight pants, eyeliner, and colorful shirts with thrift shop accessories. They listen to bands such as Fall out Boy and Dashboard Confessional. Not that their music matters, what matters is this new fashion trend is exploding. But why?

No one knows why guys are so eager to join this trend as it’s staple is wearing your sisters pants and make up, while kissing your best guy friend. The girls, I’m sure, like seeing the guys who are not afraid to be labeled (as long as you label them as emo first!) and are not afraid of protecting their sexuality. Guys are just evolving and letting down their sexuality guards to impress the girls.

Regardless of what it is that really attracts them, they are here in big numbers.

If your looking to join this new culture, I would recommend you grab a pair of your sisters jeans, steal some of her makeup, and swing by the nearest thrift shop to pick up your new emo accessories. Than say good buy to your manliness.

The truth about this new culture is that like most all other new music trends, it’s never really been about the music. It’s all about the look, the fashion, and getting as many friends on MySpace as possible so that you look popular!